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This project started in my head over 20 years ago, while attending college at USC, Los Angeles. During my freshman year, my roommate’s grandfather passed, and he being a connoisseur of all things fine, left him a 45,000 bottle wine cellar and a few hundred boxes of pre-embargo Cuban cigars to enjoy. We learned quickly about first growths as that was 90 % of the cellar and discovered the best of Lafite, LaTour, Margaux, Petrus, Haut Brion & Y’quem – the great vintages – 29’s, 45’s, & 61’s. This was only 1976 and little did we know, we still had the 82’s to discover. Although my buddy had a few extra years of exposure, I quickly caught up. We enjoyed concerts at the Hollywood Bowl with bottles of fine vintage Champagnes followed by magnums of ‘45 Petrus… not too tough to take. This was my early exposure to the rarefied world of fine vintage wine and cigars that started my yearning to create my own extraordinary wines and cigars. At the time, I was in college to become an engineer and that is indeed what I accomplished. After five years at USC, I left with a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and Computers and went out to tackle the real world. I eventually worked for one of the largest computer companies in the world, had an amazing expense account and was extraordinarily successful at my job.

Fast forward thirty years… I finally had the opportunity to realize my lifelong dream… to make incredible, world class wines by blending varietals that had never before been combined. I used the best grapes possible and considered the individual virtues of eachvarietal and how these attributes would be affected by combining them as I created my blends.

By that time, I had been to all the well-known growing and production regions in California, France, Italy and Spain to learn the secrets of “wine making” It all came together about seven years ago when I went to investigate the Chilean and Argentinean wine culture. I discovered Mendoza, Argentina – a place that really turned me on. It had such an intriguing environment, with rich, complex fruit of amazing depth and quality and an economy that would not take millions of dollars to start a modest winemaking project.

Today, I am happy to report that the fruits of my labor may now be enjoyed, at least, in the most wine-savvy states in our union. And, we are growing slowly and methodically…

Please explore our website to learn the details about my specific wines and our philosophy on making the absolute best quality product at a very competitive cost for wine lovers of all levels