If you visit Miami come visit us to enjoy some delicious tapas and wine!


No Curfew’s wines are produced by the winemakers of the highly rated Amici wines from Napa Valley and Olema wines from Sonoma, offering their expertise and flair at great value. And like Amici, produced in a winery founded by a group of friends, No Curfew wines will also appeal to those celebrating friendship and happy occasions. The Chardonnay is a wine that offers plenty of round fruit and freshness in a classically California style. It has texture and weight, but without all the oak and butter that many bargain-label brands use to mask a lack of character in inexpensive grapes. As any good winemaker knows, a wine is only as good as the fruit that it comes from. In California today, it turns out that knowing how to source that fruit is just as important as knowing what to do with it.