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In 1790, the Saget family embarked upon a long history dedicated to vines and wine, firmly placing Saget among just a handful of estates that can enjoy their third successive century of business. Generations of our family have worked to create our signature Saget La Perrière wines- melding the perfect balance, a blend of richness and elegance via the meticulous selection of grapes, expertly crafted by our skilled winemakers for the La Petite Perrière wines. The new designation of Vin de France offered us the opportunity to explore and discover the ideal balance between the fruitiness of those varieties grown in the south and their acidity when produced in the northern region (Loire) and thus La Petite Perrière wines were created. The Vin de France designation is utilized for the entire La Petite Perrière range. Through our extensive experience with Sauvignon Blanc, the master of the Loire Valley, we have been able to explore and express this grape varietal’s many facets and full potential. Our skilled wine-makers have gone to great lengths to secure the best Sauvignon Blancs in France in order to expertly craft a wine with perfect balance, a blend of richness and elegance. La Petite Perrière Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from our own estate vineyards in the Loire and our long-term partners in the South of France.