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Bodgeas Hidalgo La Gitana Napoleon Amontillado Sherry 75cl

Amontillado sherry is aged fino that has lost its protective flor and has gone on to develop oxidatively. It is an amber-coloured sherry that is nutty and complex with a long finish. It is fortified to around 17.5% alcohol to protect it during its development and because it has been aged oxidatively it will last for longer once opened. Its great when served very slightly chilled.

Appearance: Amber colour with greenish reflections, bright and luminous.
Nose: Pungent, soft and attenuated, with hints of hazelnuts, nuts and wood.
Mouth: Dry, soft and elegant.

In addition to being an ideal aperitif, it is the perfect ally of white meats, blue fish and cheeses. Aged manchego is classic but amontillado is also surprisingly good with cheddar, aged Comté and parmesan.