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A unique Premium Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenère and Syrah, made with grapes grown in the best terroirs of Maule Valley.

Corazón del Indio means 'Heart of the Indian' referring to the mountain range where the Clos de Fa vineyard is located.

The skyline of this mountain range showcase the profile of a sleeping Indian. Profile of the face, the neck and the torso is perfectly visible. In the torso of the Indian, lies a huge heart in stone. At sunset, when the sun dive into the Pacific Ocean, the mountain range lit in orange while the heart of the Indian gets a bright pink colour.

The legend of this mountain range says that this Indian was in love with an Inca Princess. The day of their wedding, the Princess had a fatal accident and died. The Indian, full of sadness lied on the soil where the Pacha Mama, Goddess of earth and nature, convert him in a mountain. In this same mountain, the princess was buried and on the place of her grave surged a beautiful blue turquoise lake, that resemble the colour of her eyes. The princess named was Fa…

Since then, the locals believe the Indian and the Princess are the protectors of their fertile grounds.