Bodega Patritti was born in 2003 when the first vines were planted in San Patricio del Chañar, province of Neuquén. We devote ourselves to the production of high-quality wines of outstanding personality. To achieve this goal, we count on the unique characteristics of the Patagonian soil.

The outburst of Patagonia wine region in recent years is due to its excellent results in production, and the use of superb raw materials together with the most advanced technology.

Our goal is to elaborate excellent products and services for those who love wine and it´s culture.

The symbol that represents Primogenito is Garabato. It is a hardwood stick, which resembles a *one* number. In old times it was used as a tool to carry the grass to be disposed for the animals, from the grass heap to the crib. This stick represents earth labour, and it is still used as an agricultural tool to clear weeds, to open roads and to protect land workers from unexpected dangers such as snakes. And in some other places, it is still used as a caller, by hitting one stick against the other, to announce the time for lunch and rest.